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  • Nelli says:

    Great Documentary – Great Rachel Wotton – Great Organisation and great Filmmaker Catherine Scott! Thank you from Switzerland

  • Rose Carryer says:

    Hi Rachel, You awesome woman, I have such respect and gratitude for your awareness into disabled sexuality. I am a support person for the disabled.
    I also have a neice who is a sex worker and have tried to show her your documentary but am unable to source it for her, can you adivse me please how I would find it.

  • Dick Perkins says:

    I saw Scarlet Road in Sheffield this weekend and have been enthusing to my colleagues (I am the Speech and Language Therapist on a Learning Disability Team in the UK). Is the film going to be shown publicly in the UK in the near future? Some of our team would like to see it. (In any event, I will be buying the DVD for the Team.)

  • Mike Hughes says:

    Truely amazing and wonderful, fully support for freedom and liberation of all sex workers who are not coerced or forced to work in this area. It’s a life choice and women are victimised by male dominated society and laws and there is nothing criminal in selling sex as a service. Heard Rachels interview on Radio 4 in UK it was excellent. .regards Michael

  • Jeff says:

    I watched the SBS doco just last night and felt very moved by it, I cant help but think that Rachel and all the other sex workers are Angels and should be afforded all the support that they may need.
    Its is abundantly obvious that they fullfill a need for thier clients, that would be otherwise ignored.
    I was hugely impressed by the dignity of the whole doco and congratulate the makers on a job well done.

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