Director/ Co-producer

Catherine ScottCatherine Scott is an independent Director/Producer in Australia. She was a former member of the Paper Tiger TV collective for ten years in New York City. She was Director/ Co-writer of Selling Sickness and Director/Co-producer of the Walkley award-winning Business Behind Bars screened on SBS and many TV markets around the world.Her productions include Breathless; Drawing the Line at Pitston and Staking a Claim in Cyberspace. She has been a frequent Coordinating Producer/Director for Deep Dish TV producing Who’s Afraid of the Little Yellow School Bus?, Lock Down USA, (WNET) The Last Graduation.

Cathy was a coordinator and Co-producer of the Gulf Crisis TV Project, a timely ten-part series about the Gulf War by Paper Tiger TV and the Deep Dish Network, aired on PBS affiliates nationally, Channel Four (UK), SBS television (Australia). Catherine produced TV Connections, which was part of the Signal to Noise series, and ITVS funded project broadcast on the PBS network in the USA.



Pat FiskePat Fiske is an experienced director and producer and is recognized as a prominent member of Australia’s independent film making community. Pat produced Business Behind Bars; Selling Sickness; Beats Across Borders and the River of No Return. Among the other films she has directed and produced are the award-winning documentaries: An Artist From Eden, Following The Fenceline; Leaping Off The Edge; ‘Doc’, a portrait of Herbert Vere Evatt; For All The World To See, a portrait of Prof Fred Hollows; Night Patrol; Australia Daze; Rocking The Foundations, a history of the NSW Builders Laborers’ Federation and the Green Bans and Woolloomooloo.

She was active on the boards of Filmnews and the Australian Screen Directors Association for many years.  In 1999-2000, Pat worked as the Documentary Consultant at SBSI for 18 months. In March 2001 at the Australian Documentary Conference in Perth she was awarded the third prestigious Stanley Hawes Award for her outstanding contribution to the documentary industry in Australia.  She was Co-Head of the Documentary Department at the Australian Film, Television and Radio School from 2002-2008. For the last three years, Pat has been producing Scarlet Road, working part time as a curator for Australian Screen Online and developing projects.

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