HOT DOCS 2012 // Scarlet Road | NOW Magazine

You’ve never seen a movie about sex work like this one. And Rachel Wotton is a sex worker like no other.

More than 50 per cent of her clients have disabilities, and she trains colleagues to serve that clientele and is active in Touching Base, an organization that links the rights of the disabled with the rights of sex workers.

Here, she connects to clients who talk poignantly about the healing powers of sexuality. In one exquisite sequence, she negotiates with a mother who wants to help her Down syndrome son lose his virginity.

The passionate, impossibly sunny Wotton is a winning hero in one of the best films ever made about a maligned profession.

May 2, 7 pm, ROM Theatre; May 4, 6:30 pm, Cumberland 3;

May 6, 9 pm, ROM Theatre.

By Susan G. Cole

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