Gold Coast Bulletin – When the human touch works wonders

IMPASSIONED about freedom of sexual expression, Australian sex worker Rachel Wotton works with many clients who have disabilities. Her work is the subject of the 2011 Walkley Award-nominated documentary Scarlet Road: A Sex Worker’s Journey.

Filmed over three years, the program follows Rachel in her relationship with John, diagnosed with multiple sclerosis 26 years ago, and Mark, a client with cerebral palsy, and reveals the therapeutic aspects of human touch and sexual intimacy. This unique documentary gives voice to two men generously sharing moments of sexual self-discovery. Scarlet Road: A Sex Worker’s Journey shows Rachel in her daily life and follows her on a journey to the UK, Denmark and Sweden where she meets sex workers and people with disabilities. – Gold Coast Bulletin

RachelScarlet Road: A Sex Worker’s Journey:
Friday, 10.05pm, SBS ONE

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